About Us



Black Cat Coffee's mission is a simple one:

"To produce consistently high quality coffee at competitive prices and provide personal service to all our customers".

We aim not to overwhelm your senses, but to make every cup "close your eyes good".

We have green beans arrive from all over the world:

  • Africa
  • South & Central America
  • Asia-Pacific area.

Each region has its own unique qualities which we aim to maximize with our roasting and blending techniques, always striving to capture the best of each region's characteristics.

All beans are freshly roasted. They are then hand packed in one-way valve bags, and date stamped ready for shipping. To place an order please contact us.

Baristas and Coffee Cart

We also have a fully equipped coffee cart using our signature coffee Black Cat. 

Our fully trained baristas guarantee a superb cup of coffee for your next event or function. Please email us for more details.





(Trading Details: Ngamo Pty Ltd As Trustee, T/A Black Cat Coffee, ABN 51 532 638 920)